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doubly sad news [May. 17th, 2014|01:29 pm]
People have been hoping i would update soon, but I don't think this is what anyone wanted to hear. It's been a rough week at our house, as both Star and Sweetpea have passed over the rainbow bridge. You guys are the only ones getting the whole story. Few people even know this has happened. For whatever reason this has been really very difficult to share with anyone (other then Haley because...well because Sweetpea and Jazz had such a special relationship and they went through the same thing) I haven't told my own mother, only my son and his wife knows. My best friend doesn't know yet. I needed to share it all with you guys first. This is the first time in over 20 years I am without any pet in the house. I will share it on FB but not in detail...too many people don't understand or appreciate just how special bunnies and I'm not in the mood to hear empty sentiments.

Star was a bit of a surprise, though, although elderly and showing it, I expected it to be Sweetpea first. Sweetpea lost the use of his legs about 2 weeks ago. In my mind I had thought, come Monday I'd have to put him down. But he wasn't stressed out about it and it was almost funny how he still had one thing on his mind...FOOD! And was very happy when food was brought to him, even scrooching up to put his head to my lap. The other thing I had to consider was Star. She looked after him, and was constantly laying over him as though she was protecting him. I did wonder a few times though if she was trying to hurry him along as she'd lay over his head a few times! All these years and they could still make me grin. As long as Sweetpea wasn't in pain or stressed I decided to give it a wait and see. The only thing that did stress him was the daily butt and hindquarters washing. But it gave me a chance to sit with him awhile before I left for work. When this went on Star always went to another part of the room. If she got a treat I'd have to go to her. She didn't seem to appreciate Sweetpea's baths either, or my attention to him.The other day I noticed her laying against the far wall...and later she was still there and I knew something was wrong. She had caught her fur and paw on a floor vent (uncovered a little from where they'd chewed it up) I freed her then I had to give her a bath. That I'm afraid really caused her some stress. I wrapped her up like a baby, sat and talked to her for awhile before I went to work. I put her next to Sweetpea and left. I came home from work, after picking up my grandson and taking him to storytime and when I came home she was laying next to the litter pan and it looked like she was sleeping but I had a feeling it was something else, because she wasn't draped over Sweetpea. And Sweetpea, I swear, gave me a look that said...something is wrong. While my grandson napped I checked on her and she had gone. I wasn't ready to explain what was happening to my grandson, so I buried her while he was sleeping and let my son know what happened. Sweetpea refused all food at his next meal. Then before I went to bed that night I took food into him again and he ate like the piggie he always was. But he really made quite a fuss over his clean up. Time to face the fact that without Star and his not being mobile he no longer had a quality life. So Sweetpea made his journey yesterday and I buried him next to Star this morning when I got home from work.

After HB passed last year I started leaving the gate down often to the bunny room. Even though grandson, Liam, turned out to be very good with them, I kept the gate in place when Liam stayed here several days/nights a week And even though showing age and slowing down, Sweetpea, in particular, would still find his way to my bedroom and sleep either under Liams toddler bed or my dresser. Other then one time neither of them EVER came to the living room, but I think that was because that had been HBs territory. I will miss finding a bunny in random places. Or the random poo's that would give away that they were somewhere in my bedroom! I will miss Sweetpea's excitement when either Liam or I would bring treats. He was never afraid of anything if food was involved! Liam would sneak down the hallway with leftover banana or some grapes and toss them over the gate. He threw in a few small balls and toys too. Star was my first. She was definitely her own bunny! Stoic at times. You could tell she thought Sweetpea was silly with some of his antics over food and treats. She acted indifferent to many things but she was the one I could pick up and hold without freaking out and kicking or biting. She had the silkiest of fur. Star was the smallest...but toughest of them all..and never put up with any crap, including the vacuum cleaner. She would always stand up against that even recently, Sweetpea would hide. I don't know who I'm going to talk to now when I'm home alone! I walk by their room and look in.

They are buried together, right outside my bedroom. I put in some liriope plants for now, since they don't have to have full sun.


I know this is long and more information then necessary, but I feel like, once I send this to some of the best bunny friends ever, that it is truly over. Thanks for listening  I know they will be meeting up with a lot of old friends. Binky free Star and Sweetpea!
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my dear sweet Honeybee... [May. 2nd, 2013|01:58 pm]
As some of you know, HoneyBee recently had a big adventure by escaping to the outside. I found her and she seemed fine. She was eating and pooing. Today my 17 month old grandson and I got home from his Drs appt and brought in dandelions for the bunnies and I found HoneyBee laying in her pen and knew right away she had passed over the rainbow bridge.

HoneyBee came to live with me very unexpectedly after I found her on a farm very neglected, underfed, branded as being a *bad* bunny. She came right to me, and put her head down to be pet. My journal friends encouraged me to bring her home, and there were those that reached out to contribute financially to getting her spade. She's been such a delight, even when she was naughty. I know she had a good life,much better then she had, but I think she added every bit of joy to my own life. I will miss her being excited to get her salad, when she'd pick up her stuffed toy and run circles around me while carrying it. I loved watching the relationship build between her and grandson Liam. I'll miss her running around the living room, peeking out from under the furniture, or coming to the fridge when it was open, standing up to see what was inside.
She was a very special little girl and I'm going to miss her OH so much. My heart is breaking

run free my sweet and beautiful HB, I imagine you are already nudging that handsome Stanley!
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Merry Christmas! [Dec. 25th, 2012|09:24 am]
Merry Christmas to all our bunny friends! Though we haven't been here lately, we always think of everybun!

grinch 106

love to all

Star, Sweetpea and Honeybee (and the grinch too! hahaha)
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NYE [Dec. 31st, 2011|11:47 pm]
[mood |drunkdrunk]

Hoppy New Years Everybun!!!

We are looking forward to a better year!

love to all

Star, Sweetpea & Honeybee
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(no subject) [Apr. 24th, 2011|06:30 am]
Hoppy Easter everybunny!
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(no subject) [Apr. 3rd, 2011|11:46 am]
I'm behind in everything as usual.

But the buns are doing well. Sweetpea seems to have slimmed down a bit. Which is not a bad thing. Nothing wrong with his appetite! He cracks me up, I offer them something and he just grabs as much as he can and scarfs it down, even if it's something new. This morning I was thinning some radish sprouts and offered them to s_n_s. Sweetpea grabbed a bunch and chewed it right down, while Star examined it and decided she didn't want any. Once Sweetpea was offered 2nds, he took a moment to give a sniff and promptly turned up his nose at them! Sweetpea's motto seems to be, eat first, then decide if it's something you like. he's such a goof!
He's still enjoying going in to the carrier I left on the floor. Some times I hear him digging in the bottom of it. Some times I look in the room and can't see him, then I find him sleeping in it.

He was very slick though in stealing a banana from me. As soon as I offered some Sweetpea bit off a HUGE chunk and was trying ot get it down so fast it sounded like he was gagging and choking on it. Star of course tried stealing it before getting her own piece and hopping off with it. While I was watching her, Sweetpea came over, grabbed the peel and yanked the whole works right out of my hand and hopped like mad till he was under the table. Star did help herself to some, but Sweetpea was very protective of it and ate most of it, peel and all. How he never gets sick from his eating habits is beyond me.

Honeybee is doing bunderful. She's a moody thing. I never know how she's going to be from one day to the next. some days she just wants left alone and hides/sleeps the day away. Other days she can't stop and spends hours exploring every nook and cranny, jumping up on the end table, etc. Still others she seems to be bent on manipulating me for food. Some times she comes for nose rubs, other days, she will hide under the kitchen chair, only leaning out to grab a treat but being very cautious as though I'm going to snatch her up at any moment. But then other times she comes bounding into the kitchen, right to the fridge while I'm getting something out and stands up as though it's her right to have food on demand.

But when she's begging for a treat, she won't settle for just anything. she seems to know what she wants and unlike Sweetpea, won't settle for less. While HB does enjoy carrots, there's times it's simply not what she wants and she will sniff it and jump back, shaking her head as though it's something vile. Then looks up at me as if to say...REALLY?? a carrot? That's not the treat I was looking for...and continues to stare until I offer something else. It's those times she wants a grape or other sweet treat. No broccoli or carrot will do...until she's done with the sweet treat. Then she will want the others. She still makes me laugh every single day.

I think it's all part of her manipulation of me. And it works well. At times in the morning when it's time for her to come out, or at night when it's time for her to go in and eat...she will grab one of her 'babies' and go hopping and jumping out of her pen and run all around the living room with it. There are times she was respond to my saying..."Where's your baby?Get your baby" by looking around for it, carrying it around. Other times she will just sit and look at me like *I'm* the crazy one.
She also thinks it's her right to inspect everything I eat or even drink. Discovered accidently that she likes chocolate milk. I was sitting on the floor and she kept nudging the bottle of it I was drinking. I offered her some and she loved it. I told her she couldn't drink milk and she tried being very persistent. When I put the bottle cap on the floor she licked it all over then kept tossing it about, obviously unhappy that there wasn't more. But I held fast in not giving her more. Which maens she went off to sulk under the rocking chair and there was no convincing her to come out.
She certainly is her own bun!
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(no subject) [Mar. 14th, 2011|04:01 pm]
[mood |sleepysleepy]

Last week we got lots of rain and our little stream got very big!

This is the creek that our stream flows into. It also got very big and even spilled out over a bridge a little bit. But not as much as the weathermen said it would

From the way they talked we were going to get flooded, probably by a little more then we did during Hurricane Ivan, which came up our steps. SO mom decided we buns were to have a little vacation. Not that the water would get all the way in, but she was worried she wouldn't be able to get in to feed us. The meow stayed home cause the meow could be left food and he wouldn't eat it all at one time.

So here we are on our way to our mam's. That is our moms mother.

We had a room, bigger then ours at home, all to ourselves. HoneyBee stayed downstairs in her pen (*snicker*)

She learned quickly that we thump when annoyed or warning everybun of possible danger. There was some very strange noises that turned out to be trains running behind the house and blowing their loud annoying horns. Box on wheels outside! We aren't used to that much noise. One night her neighbor was yelling outside and we all thumped, up and downstairs both!

Mam was very impressed how loud we could thump, and yet how quiet we were all the other time. We think we have convinced her that bunnies make the perfect pets!

Mam was very nice and gave us lots of treats. She was afraid something bad would happen to us and kept worrying that we'd DIE in her care. She's a little crazy the way she thinks but she's a nice crazy to us.

She thought at first there was something wrong with Star's legs. Said she was walking funny. Mam didn't know that's how we look when we HOP! Then she said, what's wrong with Sweetpea's leg? Sweetpea, being his usual cautious paranoid self, was staying close to the walls, slinking down low and just walking more like a dog.

Mom came twice a day to feed us. One morning mom came and fed us, but mam was asleep and never even heard her. When she woke up she was worried that she didn't come and feed us (despite some obvious proof she had been there!) and she gave us a bunch of treats (yeah!) and started emailing our Ben and moms sister, asking them if they knew were I was. Mam didn't think to CALL mom. She told them she was worried we were going to DIE cause mom didn't come feed us.

We were so glad to be upstairs out of the way and not having to listen to all the drama. But HoneyBee heard it all. HoneyBee was very very kind to Mam and let her give her lots of pets, ears and nose rubs. Mom says it was a long time since she saw HB be sooooo loving. We know that HB was just trying to get someone to leave her out of the pen! But mom said no, cause our mam can only see a little out of one eye and Mam would end up tripping over HB.

Honeybee finally got out of the pen on Saturday. She hopped all over, sniffing,licking, chinning everything. Found new places to hide. We could hear mam and mom laughing at her as she hopped and ran all over the place and got behind every piece of furniture. Then mam thought she DIED! Seriously! HB ran into her pen and flopped right down. She was tired of course and warm, she wanted to lie on the cool floor and mam thought she flopped over and just died.

Here she is hiding under the pappasan chair. It's nice cause she could still see out every side.

HB checks out the steps.

Then HB found out why she was let out of the pen. Mom took it down, then took all her stuff and took it out to the box on wheels. It was time to go home. HB was not happy about being put in the carrier again and tried to fight against it but mom won. Once home HB ran to check out her area then disappeared for the rest of the day and even refused to come to her pen when mom needed to leave for work that night.

We got to stay one more night at Mam's. We don't all fit in the car at the same time. So we got extra treats from Mam and when Mom came for us , she took the gate down and let us explore. Well I explored down the hall and looked into the other rooms. Sweetpea would come to the doorway and then hop away. Wuss!

When we got home we found that mom cleaned our room so we got right to work making it the way we like it. When mom looked she wanted to know how we made our room so messy so fat! hahahahaha It's the way of the bun!

We are glad to be home!
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(no subject) [Mar. 12th, 2011|06:22 am]
I loves my Mam!
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(no subject) [Mar. 10th, 2011|06:07 pm]
As those of you on facebook know, we are facing some flooding conditions. Now I don't expect it to rise into my home, but it will come up high enough that I won't be able to get in/out of the house.

So as a precaution I moved the bunnies to my moms a few miles away. Now much to my surprise, after first traumatizing them by brushing fur and giving pedicures to SnS, they took the trip rather well.

Sweetpea was the biggest surprise. I was concerned about him the most but he's taken it in very laid back fashion. I took him and Star up first. Now Sweetpea is a very cautious buck, so he was staying near the walls while he explored the bigger room they are in and did a sort of walk, stretching out way in front of his back paws, moving only one at a time. While Star hopped all over, sniffing, chinning, licking the floor. They were both licking the floor LOL Sweetpea liked an old rug there and spent a lot of time on that. After I took HB up, I checked on them, and they were at teh far corner of the room. Sweetpea looked to be napping and Star was at alert. After their carrot treat, Sweetpea went back, tucked his front paws under himself and promptly closed his eyes. Amazing! I think he just lets it up to Star to take care of the worry and their safety! Star was still a bit on alert, but I suspect she was starting to nap, but keeping her eyes open to fool us.

Now HoneyBee...she's NOT a happy camper. Once I put her in her pen in the living room, she checked it out, and thumped at me a few times. Gave me bunny butt! Hopped in her enclosed litterbox and thumped again. Then she'd come out and look around, periscoping up and down. I suspect she's got escape on her mind. She apparently knows she's not going to be let out of her pen while there. Moms 82 and has only limited sight in one eye, so a bunny underfoot isn't a good idea. Plus my mom would worry worry worry if she didn't know where HB was.

My mom is not happy that I didn't take the meow there too. But I think the meow will be fine at home. He'll have plenty of food and he won't try to eat it all at once like 2 buns in particular I know. She's convinced that furball is going to drown, no matter what I say.

so I think SnS are going to enjoy their little vacation. Mom even has some grapes on hand so they will get an extra treat too, besides what I left for them.

Just watching the news and they say we've had almost 3" of rain and expect another 1 1/2" inches.

Our creeks and streams will flood tonight, but the Susquehanna River isn't going to hit flood stage until I don't know if this will effect how long it takes for the water to recede, since these smaller waterways (though right now my stream LOOKS like a river) all dumped into that river. With Hurricane Ivan in 2004 it went fairly quick. But I didn't want to take a chance that I would get home from work and not be able to get in and feed the bunnies. I don't want any sick bunnies on my hands! And I know the bunnies on LJ wouldn't be very happy with me either!

So we are all safe and will continue to be! My biggest worry is actually my young pawpaw trees. The water is up over the lower yard and pushing away a lot of the ground near the trees and rising quickly. And I know it is fortunate that these are the only things I really have to worry about :)
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(no subject) [Mar. 10th, 2011|10:44 am]
I think mom is sending Sweetpea and Star away!!

I was able to hop right into their room, there's no gate any more and quess what!? They are in little CAGES!!! Mom has been putting their stuff in the box on wheels, even their food dish!

Maybe I'm going to be an only bun!?

But..where are they going??

Will I be next...

out oh...maybe this isn't so exciting after all!
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